• How do your car scents work?

    Our car fragrances are released by aromatised polymers. These are special plastics that contain fragrance oil. The fragrance is safely incorporated into the polymers and there is no risk of it leaking as it is not a liquid. The fragrance is released through ventilation/air conditioning. You can regulate the intensity of the scent by the strength of the ventilation, independently of whether the outflowing air in your car is hot or cold.

  • How do I use and change our car fragrances?

    To use our car fragrances, you will need an aromatised polymer and our polymer holder. You can buy our polymer in a refill pack or together with the holder. The assembly is very easy. First, attach the plastic clip to the lower part of the wooden element of the holder, place the white scented polymer into the wooden element and press it down. Then put the upper part of the wooden element to fix the holder. Then attach the car fragrance to the ventilation grille in your car using the clip. When the scent wears off, simply replace the used polymer with a new one.

  • How long do our car fragrances last?

    Our car fragrances release their scent over a period of about four weeks. Packaged, the fragrance will last on the aromatised polymer for at least two years.

  • Can the polymer melt when exposed to heat?

    No, don't worry. The polymer may lose its shape when exposed to sustained heat above 70°C, but it will not melt. The polymer is well protected in the wooden holder and there is no danger.

  • Are our car fragrances safe for my skin and where can I find the ingredients?

    Our car fragrances are in solid form and therefore harmless to your skin. However, we recommend that you clean your hands after handling the product. If you are allergic or have sensitive skin, you should carefully check the list of ingredients before use. You can find them on the product page under "Product details" in the info box and on the back of the packaging.