• What’s the Advent Calendar of AVA & MAY?

    The Advent Calendar is a Christmas tradition that we kept throughout the years for making our customers’ holiday seasons unforgettable and special. Our Advent Calendars enclose 24 products to be discovered day by day from December 1st till the Christmas Day. Each of these fragrant surprises will make your wellness routine at home even more special or can serve as a gift for your loved ones.

  • Can discount codes be applied to Advent Calendars?

    Yes, they can be applied. Subscribe to our Newsletter, our VIP program or follow us on Social Media to discover promotions with codes that apply to the calendar.

  • Do you provide a special box for gifting?

    Our Advent Calendars are made for special occasions: they are already wrapped in a secured packaging with sleeves - so your gift will be 100% ready. Also, they are shipped via a special shipping box to make everything even more special and convenient.

  • Can the Advent Calendar be returned?

    Yes, if you wish to do so - you can follow the instructions of our Helpdesk or get in touch with our Customer Care team.

  • How to re-use the boxes after the festive season?

    As per our values, we support and encourage recycling and upcyling. Our Advent Calendar is made of two drawers: you can use them afterwards for jewelery and cosmetics storage, or for anything you'd need to keep well-preserved.