• Who are the perfumers behind the scents?

    Every single perfume is specially developed by a master perfumer, a fragrance expert who studies the harmony between fragrance notes.

  • Can I try your perfumes first?

    Yes, we have developed a Discovery Set for this purpose. This allows you to get to know our fragrances so that you can choose your personal favorites at your leisure.

  • How long lasts the 15ml perfume with a daily use?

    Of course it depends on how regularly and intensely you use the perfume, but if you use the perfume with 3-5 sprays it will last for round about one to two months.

  • Where do I preferably spray the perfume at?

    You might have heard already, that there are parts on your body that you can feel your pulse very well and that these parts are very likely to spray the perfume on. By washing your hands several times a day, we would not ideally suggest to wear the perfume on your wrists. Here are some other options for you:

    • Other pulsating zones are your ankles, arm bends or even knee bends
    • The scent is doing very well on your collarbone. At this spot the scent is right under your nose and so you carry some of your favorite scent with you for a long time.
    • The scent lasts longest in your hair. Why? Your skin has a certain body heat, which makes the scent fly away faster. Not to make the perfume dry out your hair, we suggest not to spray it on your hair directly. Instead we advise to go through your hair with the perfume being on your fingerprints.
      Alternatively you can spray it on your back hairline
  • I have sensitive skin. Can I use the scents as well?

    It is really important to us, to offer you only high-quality products. Therefore all our scents are dermatologically tested and rated as “very good”. In case you have sensitive skin, we would highly recommend you to try the product on a small part of your skin and wait 24 hours to prevent a possible reaction.

  • I am pregnant. Can I use your scents?

    Our perfumes are suspected to high security assessments considering the frequency of the application and the parts of application and therefore can be theoretically used by pregnant women. Still, it can be possible that your sense of smell changes in your pregnancy and that you don’t like the scents you used to like anymore. Therefore we recommend to pause with our scents during your pregnancy.