• How do I use the Powdered Soaps?

    Pour 185 ml of warm water into our AVA & MAY soap dispenser (up to the mark on the back). Then add the entire contents of your sachet, close your dispenser and shake it well for 1 minute. Wait approx. 30 minutes to allow the foam to settle. Shake the bottle again and your hand soap is ready.

  • Can I also use my own dispenser?

    We generally recommend using our 250 ml AVA & MAY soap dispenser as it makes mixing your hand soap super easy. However, you can also use your own dispenser. It is important that you ensure the correct mixing ratio (15g of soap to 185ml of water) and that there is still some air left in the bottle so that you can shake it well. We also offer sets without our dispenser and you can put together your favourite combinations and several sachets with the same fragrance using our Powdered Soaps Mix & Match.

  • What is the Discovery Set/ Starter Set?

    With our Discovery Set you receive our 4 selected bestseller fragrances Bahamas, Persia, Aruba and Maldives as powdered soaps. The 4 packages with the powder come in a super cute foldable envelope that contains lots of useful information and is perfect as a gift.

  • How are CO2 emissions reduced by our Powdered Soaps?

    As powdered soaps are a very small and lightweight product, they take up less space and are therefore more sustainable in terms of mobility, transport and storage. Transport takes place within Germany in order to reduce logistics and emissions from there.

  • Is the soap also suitable for sensitive skin?

    We attach great importance to offering you only high-quality products. Our soaps are pH-neutral and PEG-free, which helps to maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. However, they do contain perfume and therefore allergens, which is why they are not suitable for allergy sufferers. If you have sensitive skin, we would always recommend testing the product on a small area of skin on your body first and waiting 24 hours to rule out a possible reaction.

  • Where can I find the ingredients of each soap and how long does it last?

    You can find the ingredients for each product on the respective product page of the fragrance under "Product details" in the info box. They are also written on the back of the sachets. The mixed Powdered Soap should be used within 3 months. Unopened, it has no best-before date. You can therefore store it without any problems.

  • Is the soap free from animal testing?

    Yes, our products are not tested on animals at any stage of production, are vegan and as natural as possible.

  • Are the sachets fully recyclable?

    Yes! The sachets are made of recyclable plastic (mono-PP) and can therefore go completely into the designated waste bin without any problems. The raw material polypropylene is considered an environmentally friendly alternative to general plastic, as it is a by-product of the petroleum industry.

  • Will the soap stain?

    No, don't worry. Although each soap has a beautiful, vibrant colour, the amount of dye is absolutely minimal and leaves no residue.