• Why are AVA & MAY candles special?

    Our candles are made out of a soy wax blend, are vegan and completely cruelty-free. Another aspect is that the raw material soy has the least impact on the environment and health. Our wicks are also made from 100% sustainably sourced cotton and are not soaked in lead. The wooden lid of our candles is sustainable and can be used either as a coaster for the candle or to close it. We also use high quality fragrance oils developed by world class perfumers. All our products are manufactured in Europe and the majority of our raw materials are also sourced in Europe, in order to have a better carbon footprint and higher quality.

  • Where are the candles produced?

    Our candles and diffusers are manufactured in Europe, with precision in Spain. Consequently, our product helps to reduce the carbon footprint and meets European quality standards.

  • How long do the candles burn?

    Within our core range, our standard sized candles (180gr) have a burn time of 40 hours, midsize candles (380gr) have a burn time of 55 hours, and the large candles (500gr) can burn up to 70 hours. The mini candles have an average burning time of 8 hours. For all special/limited edition products which come in special jars and sizes, please see the product page for the burn time.

  • How long can I store AVA & MAY candles? Until when should I use them?

    There is no specific date until the candles have to be used but we recommend to use them within a year. Otherwise the intensity of the scent could be impaired.

  • Why does the wick of my candle sometimes form a knob?

    The so-called "wick flower" is a natural reaction to the essential oils in the scented candles. This is when soot collects on the wick. Therefore, shorten the wick to approx. 0.5 to 1 cm before each lighting so that the flame shines brighter and no soot marks form on the glass.

  • Why is there still wax in my candle?

    Do not worry - this is intentional and calculated into the burning time of the candle! At the bottom of each candle incorporated a metal base that extinguishes the flame at about 1 cm of residual wax to protect the glass from overheating.

  • DIY & Recycling Ideas: What to do with empty candle jars?

    You can give your candle jars a second life! By removing the remaining wax, our candle jars can be used as a flower box, a gift box with a lovely message, an egg cup, a shot glass or storage for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. There are no limits to your imagination! Share your ideas with us or check out our Instagram account for inspiration!

  • How do I dispose of my candle jars properly?

    Our candle jars are made of high quality glass and are very recyclable. Provided the glass is sent for recycling, it can be melted down and made into new products. So for the most efficient disposal, the candle jars should be disposed of in the glass waste under white glass. Please ignore the coloration of the jar here, as this is applied to the glass and will disappear during the recycling process.