• Why are AVA & MAY candles special?

    Our candles are handmade, using only soy wax - vegan and biodegradable - and are cruelty free. The use of soy wax - the same wax used by the food industry - reflects our commitment to safeguarding the planet: in this way, we reduce the environmental and health impact. The wooden lid of our candles is made of 100% real wood.

  • Who makes the candles?

    Our candles are handmade by a family business. Each candle is unique and made with love.

  • Where are the candles produced?

    Our candles and diffusers are manufactured in Europe, with precision in Spain. None of our products are Made in China. Consequently, our product helps to reduce the carbon footprint and meets European quality standards.

  • How are the scents created?

    Every single perfume is specially developed by a master perfumer, a fragrance expert who studies the harmony between fragrance notes.

  • How many diffuser sticks should I use?

    It depends on the size of the room and the fragrance intensity you want to achieve. In general, for small rooms we recommend the use of 1-2 sticks, for medium-sized and larger rooms 3-4 sticks.

  • How should I place the diffuser sticks in the diffuser jar?

    It is necessary that the sticks are distributed evenly, possibly without touching each other: in this way, the liquid is also distributed evenly and the fragrance will consume less quickly.

  • How can I extend the duration of the diffusers?

    To have a fresh and intense scent, we suggest to turn the sticks upside down every day or every two days.

  • How long do the candles burn?

    Our normal sized candles (180gr) have a burn time of 40 hours. The large candles (500gr) can burn up to 80 hours. The mini candles have an average burning time of 8 hours.