VIP Program

  • What is the VIP program?
  • With our VIP program #teamavamay you will receive bonus points for every purchase as well as many other activities on our website. From 250 points you will be unlocked for our "Adventurer" level, from 500 points for the "Globetrotter" level. You will receive great gifts and discounts with each level. The only requirement for participation is the registration of a customer account. You can find detailed information about the different ways to collect points and the ranking on our VIP program info page or under the menu point VIP.

  • What is the difference between Status Points and Reward Points?
  • In our VIP program we differentiate between Status Points and Reward Points.
    Status points determine your status at AVA & MAY, i.e. whether you are a Wanderer, Adventurer or Globetrotter, and are reset after 12 months. Status points are the sum of all your received points within one year and increase with every successfully placed order. The status you achieve at the end of the year stays the same for the following year.
    You can redeem reward points for gifts, for example like discount codes or cashback codes in the shop. Your rewards points may vary depending on whether you gain new points for activities or spend them on rewards.
    Reward points expire 12 months after you have collected them. So redeem them quickly! You can view your Reward Points at any time in the VIP widget on your account page or our VIP Shop (on the right handside).

  • What are VIP Voucher or so-called Cashback codes?
  • Some of the vouchers you can get by redeeming your points are called VIP vouchers and are so-called "cashback codes". Here you convert your points into cash. They can correspond to a value of 25 EUR (in exchange of 250 points), 50 EUR (in exchange of 500 points) or 100 EUR (in exchange of 1000 points*) Applying VIP vouchers or cashback codes to your order means that you can buy the total amount of items reduced by the amount corresponding to the entered code. Please note: the cashback codes can not be applied to the VIP Shop Sets, Minis, products from the Outlet category, or special edition products, such as the Advents Calendar. Finally, we remind you that cashback codes cannot be combined with other active discounts, but only with gift cards.

    *only applicable in DE

  • Where can I see my current status and my VIP points?
  • To check your current status or rank, log in to your account and click on “Open VIP Widget”. The widget is located on our info page (on the right side) and your account page (left bottom side). When registering you are automatically a “Wanderer”, from 250 points you are in the rank “Adventurer”, from 500 points “Globetrotter” and from 1000 points “Globetrotter GOLD” (only available in DE)

    Your current points balance is immediately displayed in the VIP widget. Your Status Points and status can be found in the VIP widget menu under "My Activities". You will also be notified if VIP points are about to expire or if VIP points are still pending from future orders. 

  • How can I collect points?
  • There are many ways to earn points. The first 25, are credited to you after registering your customer account; another 25, by signing up for our newsletter; for every euro of purchase you earn 1 point; you also receive 100 points with your third order placed; and another 100 after your first product review! For more information on how to collect points, please visit the VIP page dedicated to the loyalty program.

  • How do I redeem my reward points?
  • You can redeem your reward points for various discount codes or gifts such as cashback codes in our store. You can see which gifts are offered for how many points at any time via the VIP widget. To do this, log into your customer account and click on "Open VIP widget". Enter your activated discount code at the checkout in the field provided for your order.

    Your reward points may vary depending on whether you earn new points for activities or spend them on rewards. Please note: Reward points expire 12 months after you have collected them. So redeem them quickly!

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