• How do I use the Roomspray?

    Short spray in several directions. We recommend not to spray directly on surfaces. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames and other ignition sources. No smoking. Be aware that room size and draught can change the intensity.

  • What exactly is the Pillow & Linen Mist Spray?

    A product that can be sprayed on the fabrics all around, from clothing to bed sheets to curtains and infuses home textiles with a pleasant scent. The chosen scents might be able to change moods, evoke emotions and stimulate certain senses.

  • How do I use the Pillow & Linen Mist?

    Recommended to spray with ca. 30 centimeters distance on any fabric or air as many times as necessary to reach the desired intensity. Let it dry and and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that evolves in your home.

  • On which materials can I use the Pillow & Linen Mist?

    You can use our textile spray on all kinds of textiles or spray it into the air if you want to freshen up the whole room. However, avoid painted and varnished surfaces. We recommend you to test the spray on a non-visible area before using it, in order to see if the textile might react with the product.

  • Can I use the textile spray on my clothes without any problems?

    Yes, you can spray the Pillow & Linen Mist on your clothes to gently freshen them up. However, please test the spray on a non-visible area of your clothes first. This way you can be sure that it does not react with the material and does not leave any residue.

  • Is the Pillow and Linen Mist skin-friendly and can it be used on the body/face?

    The product is not a cosmetic product. It is an air freshener that complies with the IFRA 50 regulation for perfumes. However, it has been tested for skin compatibility and should be harmless when used correctly and appropriatly. Nevertheless, we do not recommend spraying it directly on the skin.

  • Can allergic reactions occur when using the spray and where can I find the ingredients?

    Our pillow and linen mist has been tested and classified as skin-friendly. Depending on the ingredients, allergic reactions are possible. If you are allergic or sensitive, you should read the contents carefully. You can find the ingredients for each product on the respective product page of the fragrance under "Product details" in the info box. They can also be found on the back of the packaging.

  • Does the Pillow and linen spray have a medical effect?

    No, our pillow and linen mist do not have any medical effect. They are primarily intended to create a wonderful atmosphere in your home and evoke positive feelings. Through the perfume oil and ingredients used, they can help you get into the desired mood and serve as a source of inspiration.

  • Which scented candles are closest to the scents of the pillow and linen mist?

    The floral freshness of "Clean Mind" can best be compared to the scents of our big candles Seychelles and Mykonos. The sparkling scent of the Energized Mind Spray has similarities with the fruity fragrance of the candle Barbados. The Tranquil Mind Spray is reminiscent of our Provence scented candle with its pleasant floral scent of lavender.

  • What is the difference between your textile spray and the room spray?

    The scents of our pillow and linen sprays are designed to support a positive mindset and get you into the perfect mood. Even though they are specifically designed for use on textiles, you can use them just like our room sprays and simply spray them into the air. The difference is that our room spray has an alcohol base with 10% fragrance, whereas our textile spray is a Hydroalcoholic-base (mixture of water and alcohol) with 5% fragrance and thus has a lower intensity.