• For how long do I have the right to return my order?

    If you are not 100 % satisfied with your recent purchase, you are more than welcome to return products that are in original condition, unopened and unused (including gift-sets) for a full refund, within 60 days after you have received your order.

  • How can I return my order?

    Returns with customer account

    If you would like to return one of your products, you can easily do so within 60 days. To do this, log in to your account and click on "Returns". Here you will see the list of orders that are eligible for return.

    1. Click on the order you want to return, select the products and specify the reason for return. Once you click on "Confirm", you will be taken to the shipping label.

    2. Click on "Print label" and fill in the shipping label with your address. In the field of the customer reference number please enter the order number. When you are done, just click on "Next". Under "Open and print PDF" you can now print your shipping label. Please stick this on the package you will send back to us. Alternatively, you can show the QR code provided by DHL with your smartphone in branches of Deutsche Post to have the label printed on the spot.

    IMPORTANT: Please remove all old shipping labels and barcodes from used boxes.

    Returns without a customer account

    If you do not have a customer account with AVA & MAY, click on "Returns" in the footer of our website. Enter your e-mail address and order number and click OK. If it is possible to return the selected order, you can proceed with the next steps explained above. However, if you receive the message "The return period of your order has expired", we regret to inform you that it is no longer possible to return your selected order.

    If you have received a defective or broken product, please indicate the reason "07 Product is damaged" or "08 Product is defective". In order for us to verify the damage or defect, you will be asked to upload a picture of the product.

    If you need further assistance with your return, feel free to contact us by contacting our helpdesk and selecting "Returns / Refunds" as the reason for contact.

    Please note that all products must be returned in their original packaging and refunds of used items will not be accepted or refunded. If you are not satisfied with a product you are welcome to contact us. We will surely find a solution.

  • When will I get my money back?

    Your refund will be released once your return has been processed. The amount will be refunded to the account or credit card used for the purchase. Please note that the processing of refunds of credit card orders may take longer depending on the credit card's issuer.

    If you need further assistance with your return, please contact us via our Helpdesk selecting "Returns & refund info" as contact reason.

  • Can I exchange an item?

    Unfortunately, our system can't make any exchanges, only returns and refunds. However, you are more than welcome to return the item you don't wish to keep for a full refund and then place a new order for the item that you want instead.

  • Can I return two orders in one package?

    Unfortunately not, you need to return your orders separately. Follow the process described in "How can I return my order?" for each order you wish to send back. We will provide you with a shipping label for each returned order. Please follow our guidelines so that we can process your return, reshipment or refund faster.

  • My order is not in the list of orders I can return. What should I do?

    If within 60 days after you have received your order, the order you want to return is not listed in the list of orders you can return, please contact us via our Helpdesk selecting "Claims and Returns" as contact reason.