• Where are your products manufactured?

    For less transportation and higher quality, all of our products are manufactured in Europe, e.g. our wax comes from Spain and the soy comes from Italy, so our products have a better carbon footprint and meet European quality standards.

  • How are the scents created?

    Every single perfume is specially developed by a master perfumer, a fragrance expert who studies the harmony between fragrance notes.

  • Are there product or fragrance samples?

    Unfortunately, we do not offer classic fragrance samples - but our mini candles are perfect for testing! They are small and handy and have a burning time of about 8 hours.
    Within our trial set "Mini Mix & Match" you can choose five to twelve scents that you always wanted to try! The more minis you choose, the higher your discount!
    Feel free to check out our website: Germany, Italy, France
    Also, if you don't like any of our products, you can return them in unused condition within 60 days of receiving them.

  • Where do I find a list of ingredients of your products?

    You will find the list of ingredients on the product site in the infobox of each product under “details”.

  • When are sold-out products available again?

    Due to global raw material and supply chain issues, it is sometimes not possible for us to replenish our stocks as quickly as we would like... but we usually try to get our products back within a month. You therefore have the possibility to be informed directly by us as soon as your desired product is available again. Simply click on "Notify me of replenishment" and you will receive an e-mail notification.

    The product is no longer available in our webshop?
    Then it is probably a limited edition. Unfortunately, we can't tell you exactly when and if the product will be back. But you never know: in the past, various limited editions were added to our permanent range, so we can't completely rule out the possibility that we might surprise you again with an old favourite product in the future!

  • Can I purchase refill packs?

    Currently, we do not offer refill packs. However, as the aspect of sustainability is very important to us, we are already working on a concept. Until then, we ask for a little patience. You are welcome to recycle your candle jar (by removing the remaining wax) or the diffuser bottle from the jar and using them as flower boxes, gift boxes with lovely messages or storages for the kitchen, bathroom or bedroom. Let your ideas run wild or check out our Instagram account for inspiration!

  • Are the products RAL certified?

    We are still relatively young in the market, so unfortunately it may take some time before we receive all possible certifications. Our products are made in Europe, are completely vegan and NOT tested on animals.
    In addition, our candle wax is made from cultivated soybeans grown in Europe.

  • Are our products safe for small children, pets and pregnant women?

    We attach great importance to quality and try as far as possible to work only with natural ingredients. Most of our products are therefore harmless, but for our room sprays and fragrance sticks it is necessary to use alcohol. As we are constantly developing and improving our products, we are already working on sustainable alternatives for this. We also point out that you should not leave your pets and/or children alone with the candles and keep them away from the fire to avoid accidents. In addition, it is possible that in very rare cases allergic reactions occur in both humans and animals.

  • Do you have actual shops where you can buy your products?

    Since we sometimes also sell our products to retailers, you may be able to find and purchase our items in some small shops or boutiques. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with information on their location. For the time being, our shop remains an online shop.

  • Do you make wedding or christening favors?

    Do you want to make your event even more beautiful and happier?
    You can send your request to : retail@ava-may.it / retail@ava-may.de / retail@ava-may.fr describing which products you would like and the quantity. Please note that we unfortunately do not offer customised products.