• What payment methods do you offer?
  • We offer the following payment methods in our shop.
    For Germany: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal, Amazon Pay and Klarna.
    For France: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal, Amazon Pay and Scalapay.
    For Italy: Credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express), Paypal, Amazon Pay and Scalapay.

    If you have chosen "Klarna" as your payment method, please note that you will receive the invoice from Klarna. Please pay this invoice to Klarna and not to our bank account.

    The prices given in this shop are final prices in euro: they include all price components and the statutory VAT. Depending on the order value, delivery costs can also be added. Only in the case of a cross-border delivery can additional taxes (e.g. intra-Community purchase) and / or customs duties be added, which are payable to the responsible customs or tax authorities (not to AVA & MAY as seller).

  • Where do I find my invoice?
  • For environmentally friendly reasons, your order does not include a delivery note or an invoice. So you can simply place an online order to surprise someone else with our wonderful products. If you need an invoice with your order, we will be happy to send it to you digitally. Just contact us at our helpdesk under "Payment, Invoice, Voucher" and tell us your order number.
    IMPORTANT: We remind you that all data needed in the invoice must be added before completing the order, in the "Billing Address" section. Changing or adding data after the purchase will no longer be possible.

  • How do I pay with Klarna?
  • To place an order with Klarna you need to provide a shipping address registered in Germany and your phone number. It's also important to enter your correct email address as the payment details will be sent to you by email as soon as the order has been shipped from us.

    Once you have received the payment details by email, you will also be able to find them in your Klarna account and the Klarna app.

  • I did not receive any payment information by Klarna
  • Please make sure you have checked your Spam folder. Another reason for not receiving payment information by Klarna could be an error in your email address upon ordering with us.
    In case you have not received any payment information by Klarna, please contact Klarna directly. Because of GDPR, we cannot access Klarna's customer data and thus we cannot change your email address on Klarna's behalf.

  • How do I pause my payment term with Klarna?
  • Delayed delivery
    If your package has not arrived when the payment is due, please inform Klarna before the payment deadline. Just log into your Klarna account and report the problem, your invoice will be paused for 21 days. If the package arrives within this time, you can cancel the pause. If not, you will be contacted automatically by Klarna. It is important that you reply to this mail to extend the pause.

    If you want to return your products, go to the corresponding invoice and click on ""Register return"". The invoice will be paused for 21 days. If your return is submitted during this period, you will receive an updated invoice with a new payment term. If none is posted, you will be contacted again by Klarna. Please reply to this email immediately to avoid reminder fees from Klarna.

    Reminder fees
    In case of late delivery or returns Klarna will book out the reminder fees, it is only important that you as a buyer contact Klarna in this case as well, because we as a merchant do not receive any information from Klarna here and thus cannot claim a waiver of the fees.

  • What if the order fails or did not go through?
  • Sometimes it is possible that an order is not successfully submitted. If you see that your money has been debited but you have not received an order confirmation email (please check your spam folder and all eligible email addresses), it means that the purchase was not successful. Don't worry, in such cases the refund will be made automatically and will be refunded to the same payment method within 3 business days at the latest. If the refund is still not made after this period, feel free to contact us and we will review your case.